Saturday, June 05, 2010
About Globe Telecom

Globe Business is the corporate arm of Globe Telecom, the leading mobile telecommunications company in the Philippines. Globe Business provides wireless and wireline solutions for a diverse set of industries, businesses, and commercial enterprises. We assure affordable, reliable, and dependable services for all your communication needs. At Globe Business, we provide you solutions that fit.

Company Profile

Globe Telecom has a very established history in telecommunications for both consumers and businesses. A pioneer in mobile telecommunications, Globe Telecom seeks to create and deliver products and services that bring customers closer to their aspirations, and connect them with the people and events that matter to them the most.

Globe Telecom caters to more than 25 million people, along with 650,000 wireline and broadband users. The company also counts 100,000 businesses among its clients. Globe Business offers you wireless and wireline solutions that address all your company needs, ensuring your enterprise the highest possible profit for the lowest possible cost.

Globe Business Customers

Globe Business addresses your company’s telecommunications needs:

• Enterprise. Globe understands that for big businesses to function, they need fast connections. Globe Business addresses wireless and wireline needs for big corporations. Globe Business can help your enterprise have fast, reliable wireless and wireline connections at a fraction of the cost required by other providers.
• Small & Medium Business. Globe Business believes that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) need reliable communications networks to help them grow. We provide small and medium businesses with wireless and wireline products that are not only affordable, but reliable as well. Globe Business considers SMEs as partners in growth and development.

Products and Services

Globe Business is dedicated to providing the best products and services for all your business communications needs. At Globe Business, we provide various products that include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Mobile prepaid and postpaid plans for your company staff, employees, and clients
• High-speed wired and wireless broadband Internet services
• Web, email, and online development tools to help your business cope with the demands of an ever-changing digital business environment
• Other business communications solutions

At Globe Business, our prime motivation is to provide your business with empowering solutions that help you maximize profits, minimize costs, and stay connected with your staff and your clients. For solutions that fit, get in touch with Globe Business today.

Company Info

Globe™ is a leading telecommunications company in the Philippines. Our mission is to transform and enrich lives through communications by way of our vision of making great things possible.

Through our renewed commitment to "enriching lives through ease and relevance", our goal is to enrich everyday communications by simplifying and removing obstacles in communication technology so that we bring our customers closer to what matters to them most.

Transform the lives of people, businesses and communities through innovative solutions.

Happiest customers and employees.

We put our Customers first.
Our people make the difference.
We act with integrity.
We care like an owner.
We keep things simple.
To us, it's be fast or be last.

I love Globe. Together, we make great things possible.

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