Monday, July 29, 2013
For Globe Subscribers

For the sole purpose of activation of GPRS and MMS for Globe, it is advisable for you to do this whatever mobile phone you are using. The thing is Globe has so many features and applications set for the subscribers to enjoy and they will only unlock if the additional key to this will be yours. So, grab that mobile phone of yours, insert Globe sim and then get ready to be amazed of so many surprises that await you from the Globe closet.

Below, you will be introduced to the very simple and easy to follow, step by step guide to activate your GPRS and MMS for Globe. Be sure not to miss any single detail of the procedure for it to take effect on your handset. You will know if it is effective if it works well on your mobile phone. Ready? Try now!

For a complete listing of compatible MMS & GPRS phone handsets — send NOKIA, ERICSSON or SAMSUNG (your handset model) to 2365.

To get your phone’s settings, text GO (handset model) to 2951. Example, GO N3650. (For a list of compatible handsets, refer to #1)

Note: For Nokia 6220, 6600, and 6820, text GO < handset model >,1234 and send to 2951. Make sure to type in the two commas before the 1234 PIN. Regular text messaging charges will apply.
Enter 1234 when asked for PIN to save settings.
Send an MMS message for only Php 5.00 to activate the service.

Note: For prepaid subscribers, please make sure you have credits first before trying to access GPRS/MMS. You won’t be able to use the service if you have zero balance.


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