Sunday, July 28, 2013

Double your Unli30 and get Combo6 for FREE!

How would you like to double your Unli30 with Red Mobile and get Combo6 for Free? Well, one word to describe this – AMAZING! The reason why we try to go unli is in order for us to experience uninterrupted texting and also calling to our loved ones, friends, activity partners, etc. Now, with doubling your Unli30, you will be able to get Combo6 for free which absolutely gave you instant discount.

It pays to be wise in maximizing your load. If your hobby is to call and text with the use of Red Mobile, do not miss this opportunity. As much as possible, you should be aware of how many loads you still have and when will be the time for your subscription for the promo ends. And in case you can afford doubling your Unli30, why settle on paying another Combo6 when you can have it for free? Well, the procedure is below.

Doble Combo – wait, what?The Doble Unli30 is the latest call & text promo from red mobile.
Ah… who?All red mobile subscribers can avail of this promo.
Ok. Til when?The promo period starts from June 4, 2011 to December 4, 2011.
Great! So, how?It’s easy. Simply do the following:
Register to P30 Unli Call & Text to Smart (Unlimited Call & Text to all SMART + 25 all-network texts valid for 1 day ) 2x from Monday to Sunday. Simply text UNLI30 to 9949.
Successful UNLI30 reloads will get you free COMBO 6 (80 texts + 40 mins calls, both for red network) valid for 1 day.
There are many ways of availing P30 Unli Call & Text to Smart You can load via:
a. Subscriber Registration
b. Physical Load Card
c. Retailer Eload
d. Retailer Keyword Loading
e. Smart Money Loading
f. Key Accounts Reloading Facility
If you load via Registration, you need a minimum of P30 regular load. A P1.00 maintaining balance is not necessary.
If via Smart Money, the minimum load requirement is P32.50.
You will receive an SMS notification if you qualify for the free COMBO6. Then you must register from Monday to Wednesday the following week.
a. Register immediately because the FREE COMBO6 will be forfeited if you fail to register.
b. If you qualify, wow, enjoy your free 40 minutes of calls and 80 texts for one (1) day!
To avail of the free COMBO6, simply register by texting FREECOMBO6 to 9949.
a. Any active red mobile SIM can register.
b. You must have loaded two (2) P30 Unli Call & Text to Smart.

Load now and get your free COMBO6!

Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 4239. Series of 2011.


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