Wednesday, March 13, 2013

All loads are available via Sun Xpressload and Load Conversion. Xpress Load is the electronic prepaid reload service of Sun Cellular where you can buy load “Over-the-Air” via an accredited Sun Xpress Load retailer. Load Conversion allows Sun subscribers to convert their regular load to special load e.g. CTU15, CTC10, TU20, etc.

Regular Load
Use Regular Load to make local and International calls and texts to all networks. You can also convert your regular load to any special load.

Regular load may also be used to load your Sun Broadband Wireless, as well as avail of Value Added Services such as Give-a-Load, Mobile Internet and Dial Tunes to name a few!

PRICEVALIDITYFree TEXTS to Sun & other networks
Php 10 and below
3 days
Php 11-19
15 days
Php 20-29
15 days
Php 30-49
15 days
Php 5015 days8
Php 51-7430 days8
Php 75-9930 days12
Php 10030 days16
Php 101-12445 days16
Php 125-14945 days20
Php 15045 days25
Php 30075 days50
Php 500120 days90