Saturday, November 30, 2013

Globe GCash brings back ‘Black Friday Sale’ to Phl

(The Philippine Star) 
Manila, Philippines – Globe GCash teams up with American Express in order to bring back US sale “Black Friday Sale” in the Philippines. now avoid being on the long line waiting for your turn this season with the use of GCash American Express Virtual Pay.
 This is a relief to those who do not want to spend too much time paying.

Talking about Black Friday, it is the biggest sale season in the US. During this season, you can get online products at the lowest price and it is one of the most highly anticipated shopping events in the world today.

GCash allows customers to shop easy and ship the easiest way from My Shopping Box until Dec. 8 of this year. The subscribers then can make use of their GCash Amercian Express Virtual Pay to buy online this Black Friday. And this is an amazing promo to avail. The shipping rebates are high for they are allowed to avail up to 30% if it is paid from Nov. 6 - Dec. 8.

The good thing about what is earned here is that some of them will be donated to the Typhoon Yolanda survivors. This is through GCash, under Globe Telecom’s Bangon Pinoy campaign.

Paying, purchasing, shipping, etc. has never been easy with GCash and there are so many things that you can do now online with GCash. If you would like to know more what you can with your GCash and the way on how to have your own you can go to the official site of Globe. Black Friday Sale in the Philippines is really one of the most anticipated sales and it gets better with the involvement of Globe through its GCash. Still don’t have one? Try this now!


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