Sunday, January 26, 2014
Smart strengthens broadband network nationwide with new Vis-Min fiber links

Wireless leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) is doing something to strengthen its service in terms of mobile broadband by creating a 150-kilometer submarine fiber optic cables for the improvement of its network service in Visayas and Mindanao.

The said fibers run from Mactan in Cebu to Loon in Bohol and from Garcia Hernandez in Bohol to Kinoguitan in Cagayan de Oro are said to be improving Smart’s services in the Southern Philippines. Truly Smart is doing great in its effort to become invincible in its providing service for the satisfaction of its consumers.

Rolando Peña, Technology Group Head at Smart and PLDT said “Smart is further expanding its network of reliable and high-speed mobile broadband sites around the country to meet the skyrocketing demand for mobile data from our users.”

He also added “With the proliferation of smartphones and the popularity of online services, we are seeing even more of our subscribers making the shift to data. With this growing demand, a resilient and reliable network is required to maintain a seamless mobile broadband experience.”

There are high expectations for the said improvement that Smart will do in the southern part of the country. In Bohol alone, there are at least 16 towns that will benefit which include Tagbilaran and Panglao. Now, they can enjoy as high as 42 Mbps of Smart’s service.

With high speed internet connection in these areas, there are so many benefits. When we look at our situation nowadays, it can also be a way for easy transport of information and services and businesses that are online based will also boom since the entire county will have a good networking of info and this is because of Smart’s wonderful idea. Smart is truly a company that deserves appreciation. Internet connection in the southern part of the country will never be the same again.


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